Bengal Adhesive & Chemical Products Ltd is another promising sister Company of Bengal group of Industries. It has started the journey in 1980 with active technical collaboration and support of Bayer AG, Germany, with a view to produce Industrial Adhesive, at a time when bulk of this product were being imported. Since its inception, it has proved its excellence and come forward as one of the top and significant supplier to rally the growing needs, especially for the Export –led industries.
After a few years of successful glory of fulfilling clientele’s needs, we happily added foam, design foam, mattress , head pillow , side pillow, cushion, comforter, tone in our product line with our existing products e.g., rubber , leather, paper packaging / cartoon, ply wood ,formica, textiles, wood processing adhesive etc.
In recent times, we introduce Bengal floor cleaner & glass cleaner in our product line.
We maintain three major Divisions. The adhesive division provides rubber adhesive, synthetic resin adhesive, graft adhesive, spray able adhesive and some other special adhesive for bonding rubber, leather, wood, textile, White Lilac Cleaning, plywood, rexene, foam and multipurpose use. We do more then sell adhesives committed to having the latest environment friendly adhesive technology.Our foam division provides quality foam & design foam. All of them are comfortable, anti-allergic, and Easy care, long lasting.
Our mattress division provides spring mattress, coir mattress, felt mattress, rebond mattress and mobile mattress. We are committed to users for a hygienic & comfortable sleep.